Resist! by Eric Keller
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This will be a tough election.  The Republicans have more money, more outside resources, and sadly control the government at all levels.  They write a public narrative that hides much and then calls those who speak truth "liars".

The truth.  The household median income earner's increase of $35/week will be paid for by our children.  They will lose Social Security/Medicare and thus lose far more than we benefit now.   Already- Trump and Ryan are talking about "reforming" Social Security/Medicare.  Their knives are out. They deliberately threw our children under the bus to get more dollars for their donors. 

Republicans are bankrolled by individuals who contribute millions upon millions to keep the levers of government under their control.  These people not only make it hard for others to climb the ladder, they kick it away.  

Democrats are united in getting the government to work for the common bring the government of the people, by the people, and for the people back to where it belongs.  Democrats are out-spent, out-advertised, and out-gunned by Republican political action committees who only have one main agenda.  Keep the people out of government.  No matter what their speeches might say. 

Resist.  Don't let them get away with that.  We are the Anderson County Democrats.  We are united with our passion and our energy to defeat the egotistical ethos of Trumpism.  We meet hate with love...selfishness with charity...greed with giving.  But we must have the tools to do this.  

We need money to fund our headquarters, to buy advertising, to help our local candidates, and to resist.  Please donate.  Send a check to P.O Box 8085, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 or donate on this website.  We don't need much- but what we need- we really need.

Help us continue to resist.  


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The Rest of Us by Eric Keller

Here is the harsh truth of life in America.  The top 20% of Americans (measured by household income) have 87% of all its wealth (measured by all assets to include housing).  Put another way, two out of eight Americans have about $9 out of every $10 of wealth.  Eight out of ten Americans have the rest.  The bottom two Americans have no wealth, but only debt.

The rest of us.  Those who struggle in Trump's America.  The Trump/Ryan tax law did give accomplish one thing.  It gave the middle 20% an additional $910 for the year - assuming the taxpayer does not have deductions which are lost that outweigh the increased standard deduction (Tax Policy Center).  That is $75.83 extra a month which is nothing to sneer at for many people.  Sadly, that is eaten away by the increased cost of living and other demands of a costly society.

Meanwhile, the Trump/Ryan tax plan, the top 5% will get an additional $13,500 (average determined by Tax Policy Center) which is a much higher percentage of their income.  

Both groups will lose this in 2025.  The corporate tax breaks will never be lost.  

The Republican Party exists to enrich its donor base.  In case you are confused- they are the ones at the very top.  Democrats have much fewer since they historically favor the working people.  The rest of us.  

The choice is crystal clear.  One party favors the ultra wealthy and its policies reflect that.  The other party favors the rest of us and its policies reflect that.  


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Anderson County Democrats- Time for boots on the ground by Eric Keller

Election season is here.  The 2018 mid-term elections are rapidly approaching.  Democrats are feeling a blue wave coming- a tsunami of Democrats voting to stop the Republican madness in Washington D.C., in Nashville, and in the Anderson County Courthouse.  It is time to move...time to act...time to get boots on the ground.

We need to knock on doors, as hot as that may be this spring/summer.  We need to make phone calls to prospective & current voters despite the time it might take.  We need to volunteer to help the Anderson County Democratic Party and its candidates.  We need to help with donating money, our time, and our energy.  We need to act.

We have the candidates.  Richard Dawson & Nathaniel Varner are running for the State House race against Ragan.  Mark Lucas is running for Sheriff.  Ebony Capshaw is the first African-American woman in Anderson County running for a county office, that of County Trustee.

We are still looking for good people to run for a few more county offices.

If you already volunteered - many thanks to all of you.  The time and work and commitments many of you have already made and continue to make are phenomenal.  

For those who still wish to - please put more boots on the ground.  Every pair of boots helps. Every pair of boots are needed. 

Come join us.  Ride the blue wave.  Bring good governance to Anderson County, Tennessee, and the United States.  Put your boots on the ground.

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Sadly- Racism is real in Trump's world by Eric Keller

By now, most know of Trump's overtly racist comments in a bipartisan meeting on 11 Jan in the White House.  Several legislators from both parties were present when Trump began complaining about why anyone would want "all these people from shithole countries".  He was talking about Africa.  Furthermore, he asked why more people from countries like Norway were not coming.  Finally, he clearly said "Why do we want people from Haiti here?"  

Of course, this is racist.  Donald Trump is racist and has been since his youth.  We can point to his discriminatory actions in the 1970s with his father's apartment buildings and move all the way up to yesterday's meeting to see this racism.  

Of course, hate crimes have doubled in the United States since the President of the United States is, himself, a racist.  

Of course, the words quoted above show the President does not want people of color here, only whites.  

That is not what is startling.  What is truly frightening is how Fox News dealt with this when the story broke.  While other news agencies dryly reported the facts to insure we would know what the President said and the context of his comments, conservative media spun it a different way.  

Fox News agreed with Trump.  Their broadcasters agreed that Africa and Haiti are not worthy to allow immigration into the United States.  They wondered what the fuss was all about.  They blamed liberals for making a mountain out of a molehill because all Trump was doing, according to Fox News, was speaking the truth. They agreed with Trump because the Republican base agrees with Trump and they do not want to lose their viewers.  But there is more.

Two Republican senators claimed, 'they do not recall" what Trump said (as if a comment like that would be unnoticed) and then went on into their canned lines on immigration.  Their silence is assent to Trump's racism.  They looked the other way because, more than likely, they agreed.  Both Fox News and the many Republicans are more than willing to classify a race of people as inferior to whites.  After all, people who come from "shithole countries" are, by Trump's definition, inferior.

Our president is racist.  One party fights this racism daily and refuses to enable it any longer.  The other party either embraces it or looks the other way.  Chuck Fleischmann, John Ragan, and Terry Frank can come forward and make clear statements condemning Trump's racism.  Or they can remain silent.  Sadly, we know already what they will do.     


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Democrats- Time to Fight

Sadly- we live in a hyper partisanship era.  Beginning with Newt Gingrich in 1994, the Republican Party chose a political strategy of confrontation and no compromising with Democrats under any circumstances.  Of course, this is unrealistic and they did compromise when forced to do so.  However, they chose this strategy with the realization that Democrats believe in government and good governing and thus are vulnerable to a nihilist opposition.  

So the Republican Party, captured by an extremely wealthy donor class, began destroying the very government which created America.  Plutocratic government is their battle cry- low taxes for large corporations & the very wealthy- degrade social programs that protect the vulnerable to pay for those cuts- and repress the minorities to insure unfettered access to the levers of political power.

This must stop.  Democrats are the just the people to do the job.  Rolling up our sleeves and fighting back is our mission.  Getting out the vote and registering the disenfranchised to vote by knocking on doors- making calls- sending letters- and supporting Democratic candidates will be our weapons in our fight.  

Now is the time.  Let's get moving.

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What we can do to save our Democracy. by Eric Keller

A soon-to-be published book by two Harvard political scientists describes in detail how autocrats convert functioning democracies into authoritative regimes.   They describe the characteristics of these autocrats which include gaining control of the judicial system, discrediting the free press, and delegitimizing political opponents.  Donald Trump does all of these things.  He regularly attacks the courts & the press, demands the justice system does his bidding, threatens to jail his opponent from the 2016 election, demands the electorate only believe his reality, and also demands the electorate follow only him without questions.  This is an autocrat.  This is a true threat to our democracy.

What should we do?  How do we defend the Constitution and the country we love?  The authors make the following suggestion and it is worth quoting:

But there is something else that ordinary Americans must do: Try to build broader coalitions in defense of democracy. To ensure democracy’s survival, we must build alliances that extend beyond traditional party lines. For liberals, this means forging perhaps uncomfortable alliances—with right-of-center businesspeople, evangelical Christians, and dissident conservatives, among others. A blue-state coalition is simply not enough. This is often hard work, and it involves compromise. But an awful lot is at stake.
— How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt,

We are the Anderson County Democratic Party and we are committed to our democracy.  The quote describes us well.  We are open to all who wish to create a different vision than the Trump darkness.  Join us.


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