Anderson County Democrats believe that every Tennessean, no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you live, you should have the opportunity for a better life for yourself and your family.

We believe

  • Healthcare should be available and affordable to all. Medicaid should be expanded in Tennessee so that more Tennesseans will have access and our healthcare system will be strengthened.

  • High quality, public education should be available for all our students K-12

  • College or technical education should be available tuition free through programs like Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect

  • Economic opportunities and good jobs are critical to the welfare of our community.

  • Elected officials should work for their constituents, not for wealthy, corporate donors. 

We are local. We are volunteers. Take action to support our mission.


Next Debate Party Set For Sept 12

Ten candidates have qualified for the September 12 Democratic presidential debate in Houston. We’ll get together at the Other One Deli in Oak Ridge to watch the debate with our friends and neighbors. Details->


July Debates Offered Insights 

Medicare for all?  Improve Obamacare?  Public Option?  Our presidential candidates again offered their proposals on healthcare and other issues at their debates on July 30 & 31.  About 50 Anderson County Dems watched the debates at house parties throughout our county.  The winner of our “straw poll” (determined by money raised) was again Elizabeth Warren.  

We enjoyed engaging with people of all persuasions at these debate parties.  Stay tuned for our next debate events on September 12 & 13.  Are you interested in attending or hosting a party?  Contact us!

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