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Ellen Faby, Chair

Victor (Randy) Stephens, 2nd Vice-Chair

Catherine Denenberg, Past-Chair

Jean Hiser, Treasurer

Scott Julius, Secretary



District 1 - Claxton

Chair: Mary Byrd Ellison

Alternate: Barbara Burton


District 2 - Clinton

Chair: William Williams

Alternate:  vacant


District 3 - Andersonville, Norris

Chair: Susie Wiley, Chair

Alternate: Marsha Livingston


District 4 - Rocky Top, Briceville , Dutch Valley (partial)

Chair: Susan Fowler, Chair

Alternate: vacant


District 5 - Marlow, Oliver Springs, Dutch Valley (partial)

Chair: Ralph Hubbard

Alternate: vacant


District 6 - Oak Ridge (west)

Chair: Ann Mostoller, Chair

Alternate: Rajendra Jain


District 7 - Oak Ridge (east)

Chair: Tom Burns, Chair

Alternate: Joan Nelson


District 8 - Oak Ridge (south)

Chair: Elaine Culbert, Chair

Alternate: Paul Leiby



Social: Barbara Burton, Chair

Communications: Jack Tuberville, Chair

Rules: Richard Dawson, Chair

Data Support, Joan Nelson, Chair

Campaign Support: Diane Petrilla, Chair