Trumpism and the Attack on Reality by Eric Keller


A conservative friend of mine- a fellow retired Army Chaplain- asked me to participate in a Facebook site which is virtually all Trumpists.  So far- there is one other lonely voice like mine while the others are vehement Trump supporters.  Many have advance degrees in law, physics, finance, and many other fields.  So they are an educated group of people united by a strong, unquestioned support for Trump and an equally strong hatred (the correct word here) for Democrats.  It is remarkable to behold.  So what have I learned so far.

First- social science is totally suspect to them.  In fact, they deny it's validity and insist it is "liberal to the core and teaches youth to hate their country & parents".  Professors are mainly socialists who enable "safe spaces" thinking and liberal "Kool-aid" to their students.  One person talked of "bedwetting liberal sites" when I posted an analysis by University of Chicago that surveyed prominent economists about Trump's Tax Plan.  Which leads me to the second lesson.

Second- many have a strong belief most economists are biased and unrealistic.  Therefore, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Federal Reserve, and other institutions are wrong.  Only Cato (a libertarian think-tank) and others like it are correct.  Trump is being unfairly judged and his performance to date is really being ignored by liberal media.  Political Scientists fall under the same judgement and are even worse.  Which brings the third point.

Finally- there is no shared body of scientific facts.  Peer review (which means nothing gets published in an academic journal without fellow scientists reviewing & critiquing the proposed article) is only like-minded professors pushing their agenda.  So social science research is just made up to reinforce the liberal narrative.  All we want to do is justify taking their hard-earned money and giving it to undeserving people.  Their definition of "undeserving" is pretty much anyone who didn't climb the ladder like they proudly did.

Remember- these are educated people.  My conclusion.  We live in two different worlds.  In my thinking- they used society's benefits to climb the ladder and then pull it up after them.  Those with advanced degrees- I am sure- received government subsidies to get them (indirectly through funding of their university).  Those with small businesses (or large) receive many government benefits in the form of goods & services.  Those who are financial "Masters of the Universe" types in Hedge Fund management & the like receives large government benefits in the tax structure.  Let alone in the infrastructure that enables them to trade in the first place.  In their thinking- government is a hindrance and they climbed the ladder themselves.  They accomplished success through hard-work and determination alone.  Those who are not successful did not work hard enough and are content to take government hand-outs.  Medicaid should be cut to the bone since it enables the lazy poor to stay that way- ditto welfare.

Two different realities.  Trumpism highlights this and intensifies it.  It creates a chasm between the two worlds- one which is populated with hatred for the other since the other is seen as a very clear and present danger.  

We are Democrats.  We will not respond to hate with hate.  We must provide fact-based, pragmatic solutions to the ills of society and more importantly, provide a positive narrative to one filled with such anger.  We must not be defined as only "Anti-Trump".  We create community- we create a society in which the poor are not despised, but valued.  We are Democrats.  We answer hate with love.  For that is who we are. 

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