Trumpism Betrayal by Eric Keller


Look at them.  The crowd that is cheering behind Trump during his recent visit to Nashville.  Soon they will be chanting "animals" while Trump talks of migrants and gangs.  He fires them up with shouted slogans of hate- of immigrants and migrants "infesting" our land.  Soon after this rally, Trump's policy of taking children from parents, whose only crime is crossing a border illegally, will be exposed.  But do not forget.  He does these things because he is emboldened by the very cheers he hears from his rallies.  


The world has been down this road before.  Frantically cheering a leader preaching hate and division...looking at a whole class of people as "animals" who "infest" a nation.  Trump is not new in singing this tune.

Must we learn this all over again.  This is wrong.  Trump's attack on human decency is wrong and not worth a first round draft pick for the Supreme Court.  As Hitler's devoted followers learned- this gospel of hate does not make one secure.  It makes them accountable.

Eric KellerComment