The Rest of Us by Eric Keller


Here is the harsh truth of life in America.  The top 20% of Americans (measured by household income) have 87% of all its wealth (measured by all assets to include housing).  Put another way, two out of eight Americans have about $9 out of every $10 of wealth.  Eight out of ten Americans have the rest.  The bottom two Americans have no wealth, but only debt.

The rest of us.  Those who struggle in Trump's America.  The Trump/Ryan tax law did give accomplish one thing.  It gave the middle 20% an additional $910 for the year - assuming the taxpayer does not have deductions which are lost that outweigh the increased standard deduction (Tax Policy Center).  That is $75.83 extra a month which is nothing to sneer at for many people.  Sadly, that is eaten away by the increased cost of living and other demands of a costly society.

Meanwhile, the Trump/Ryan tax plan, the top 5% will get an additional $13,500 (average determined by Tax Policy Center) which is a much higher percentage of their income.  

Both groups will lose this in 2025.  The corporate tax breaks will never be lost.  

The Republican Party exists to enrich its donor base.  In case you are confused- they are the ones at the very top.  Democrats have much fewer since they historically favor the working people.  The rest of us.  

The choice is crystal clear.  One party favors the ultra wealthy and its policies reflect that.  The other party favors the rest of us and its policies reflect that.  


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