What we can do to save our Democracy. by Eric Keller


A soon-to-be published book by two Harvard political scientists describes in detail how autocrats convert functioning democracies into authoritative regimes.   They describe the characteristics of these autocrats which include gaining control of the judicial system, discrediting the free press, and delegitimizing political opponents.  Donald Trump does all of these things.  He regularly attacks the courts & the press, demands the justice system does his bidding, threatens to jail his opponent from the 2016 election, demands the electorate only believe his reality, and also demands the electorate follow only him without questions.  This is an autocrat.  This is a true threat to our democracy.

What should we do?  How do we defend the Constitution and the country we love?  The authors make the following suggestion and it is worth quoting:

But there is something else that ordinary Americans must do: Try to build broader coalitions in defense of democracy. To ensure democracy’s survival, we must build alliances that extend beyond traditional party lines. For liberals, this means forging perhaps uncomfortable alliances—with right-of-center businesspeople, evangelical Christians, and dissident conservatives, among others. A blue-state coalition is simply not enough. This is often hard work, and it involves compromise. But an awful lot is at stake.
— How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt,

We are the Anderson County Democratic Party and we are committed to our democracy.  The quote describes us well.  We are open to all who wish to create a different vision than the Trump darkness.  Join us.  erkelleracdp@live.com


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