Trump is just plain evil. By Eric Keller


I do not say this lightly.  Evil is an over-used word in American culture, so it has lost some of its power.  To say Donald Trump, our President, is evil is actually a frightening thing to say.  Evil, as defined by Webster, is an adjective that means, "profoundly immoral and malevolent" (Webster, online, 2017).  So I am saying the President of the United States is not only immoral, but on a scale of immorality, he is at the top.  I am saying that he does not blunder when he tweets discredited videos of Muslims being violent, but that he does so deliberately to harm Muslims.  Donald Trump is an evil man.

Why evil?  Why say this so strongly?  The list is very long.  Twelve women have come forward with sexual harassment accusations and are ignored as "liars" because Donald Trump says so.  He campaigned for the "forgotten people" and his administration is only concerned with plundering them.  His tax plan will cause more people to lose access to health care and will also quickly dissipate the pittance of tax savings most will receive from the plan.  All analysis point clearly to this harsh reality, from universities like University of Chicago and Wharton Business School (Penn),  government agencies like the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Congressional  Committee on Taxation to private "think-tanks" on both sides of the conservative-liberal spectrum.  This plan will hurt most of us in the long run, add to the deficit, and cause social services to be cut.  Our children will suffer from these consequences.

Make no mistake.  Trumpism is a plague.  Trump's administration is killing environmental protections, safeguards in the financial industry, public education, scientific research, climate studies, and finally the social services we depend on.  

Those who enable him are complicit to his evil.  They join in it.  They are determined to pass the biggest transference of wealth from most Americans to a small very wealthy elite.  To achieve their goal, they are willing to tolerate this evil, just so their donor class is kept happy.  When the American deficit grows under their plan, they will, with Trump's encouragement, cut social services.  Medicare, Social Security, and the means-tested social support system will all be cut or eventually eliminated.  Trump and Trumpism will kill the very programs that enabled most of their voters to live.  This is malevolent and immoral.  This is evil.  Chuck Fleischmann (99+ percent votes with Trump), John Ragan (an unabashed Trump admirer), Terry Frank (Trump clone) and the Anderson County Republican Party as it is today are infected by Trumpism.  

It must be stopped.  

What works on a plague?  Antibodies which enable the body to survive and rebuild itself.  In this instance, the American body is being chewed away by Trump's evil and the antibody is the vote.  I can only scream as loud as I can that we need to protect the American body, our very way of life.  With the vote.

There are two choices and only two choices.  There is the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.  Third parties fail in our winner-take-all system.  A non-vote is a Republican vote.  A third party vote is a Republican vote.  Both enable the status quo to stay that way and the current status quo is an evil man as president enabled by the Republican Party.

The only alternative is the Democrat Party.  If you want to fight this evil- vote Democrat.  That is the only language of politics- the vote.  Run for office- we so badly need good women and men to step forward to fight Trumpism from the county to the state.  Go to meetings and events so all can see how powerful we truly are.  Finally, insure your voter registration is still good and vote Democrat.  There is no alternative.

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