Trump is beating us down...welcome to Valley Forge

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Trump and his Republican minions are winning. 

Everyday, a new nightmare emerges from the White House and people can only take so much.  The list of objectionable comments, actions, and threats are so long, the New York Times devotes an entire section to them.  All fact checkers agree that Trump far surpasses their worst liars since they began keeping track.  But the beat goes on.  Like constant shelling on infantrymen in the trenches of World War I- the White House and their Republican enablers continue pounding us.  Just look at the Affordable Care Act...first Trumpcare came.  We defeated it.  It came again and again.  Finally- it went down in flames- for now.  So Trump flanks us with two executive actions which guts the ACA- the most grievous is cutting the subsidies so needed by the poor.

So far- our counteractions are getting less effective. 

The rallies that drew thousands dwindle to hundreds and even less.  Phone calling still bombards office holders- but they have learned to ignore them.  Resistance organizations that rose after Trump's inauguration are beginning to wear out.  We are in Valley Forge.  There are people here who still fight the good fight, but they still have to make a living, raise children, and enjoy life.

We need a better weapon.

Which we have.  It is called the Democratic party and as frustrated as many get with one faction or another within the party- it is the most effective way to stop Trump and the many Republicans who enable him.  John Ragan enables him by supporting state actions which deny people right here in Anderson County, healthcare.  Terry Frank enables him by refusing to sign more than 40 resolutions brought forward by the county commissioners because it goes against her Trumpian beliefs.  Of course, Chuck Fleischmann enables him by voting 100% for every legislative action Trump and his minions push through the House.

We must stop them.

We vote.  They will try to suppress our vote.  We register and check our past registrations to insure they are ready to go.  We get a state-approved ID to vote.  We go to rallies and meetings to cheer on the Democratic candidates at all levels.  We donate time, money, and effort to increase our ability to win.  We get out the vote and win with 50.1% or more of all votes.  We put in Democrats and Trump is helpless.  Without Republican control of all offices- local to national- he is stopped.

We ride out from Valley Forge stronger, tougher, and more cohesive.  We ride out and we stop his deadly administration- with the vote.

Eric KellerComment