May 1st, Republicans, and Trumpism in Anderson County


Early voting for the County Primaries begin on April 11th and end on April 26th.  May 1st is election day.  The County General Election and State/Federal primaries are on August 2nd.  Check your voter registration at

There is a very tight race for Anderson County Mayor.   Terry Frank and Steve Emert are both Republicans and both running for Mayor.  There the similarity stops.  Steve Emert is an old-school Republican while Terry Frank follows the Trumpism doctrine.*  Looking at the websites, it is very clear that Emert believes in working with all sides while Frank's record shows more confrontation than compromise.  Since an effective government depends on all sides being able to work together for the betterment of Anderson County citizens, this alone seems to indicate who is worth supporting.

Having said that, hear this.  I encourage all Anderson County voters to vote for Democrats in all elections.  Effective and compassionate government works better with Democrats; it is what we do. If we had a Democrat running for mayor, I am confident we would beat Frank or Emert.  But that is not an option.

We do not have a contested primary race since all of our candidates are unopposed.  As the Anderson County Democratic Party chair, I will vote Democrat.  Others may vote as they are called to do.

I urge everyone, in the 2018 County Primary, to vote for those who are better for this county.  Trumpism must be stopped.  The all or nothing mentality must stop.  Our steep increase in county-funded litigation must stop.  Terry Frank and her party of Trumpism must be stopped.  If we must suffer under a Republican mayor, at least it should be a true Republican.  Simple as that.

* Trumpism as defined in Wikiquote: The triumph of a raw populism, embodied by a shameless demagogue, over both the official establishment and the official ideology of a major political party.

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