How the Anderson County Democratic Party can help Anderson County to Thrive

The pace of change is beyond belief.  Interconnected web structures mean information and even physical items (think 3D printing) move across from points all over the world to Anderson County and vice verse.  One of the highest industry employers in Anderson County is fabricated metal product manufacturing(Bureau of Economic Statistics).  They transform metal into intermediate or end products through forging, stamping, bending etc. into parts that are then assembled into more sophisticated end items (North America Industry Classification System).  In Anderson County, 2015 statistics show people who worked in this industry made $489 million dollars (2017 dollars) which is the highest compensation in Anderson County.

The point of this.  They (business owners in this industry) need trained, skilled, and flexible workers in order to keep up with the tremendous velocity of change.  Republicans like Chuck Fleischmann, John Ragan, Terry Frank, and many others in Anderson County want to cut the very societal organizations which will produce such workers.  Amazingly, they want to reduce public education, continuing education, movable healthcare, and all the others ways workers can be lifelong learners.  Democrats, on the other hand, want to create and support those institutions which will produce lifelong learners so they may have job security and higher paying wages. 

Thomas Friedman is a journalist who studies these matters intensely.  He writes: "At the community level, the U.S. communities that are thriving are the ones building what I call complex adaptive coalitions. These comprise local businesses that get deeply involved in shaping the skills being taught in the public schools and community colleges, buttressed by civic and philanthropic groups providing supplemental learning opportunities and internships. Then local government catalyzes these coalitions and hires recruiters to go into the world to find investors for their local communal assets."

The Anderson County Democratic Party supports strong and well-funded public schools.  They support improving the Affordable Care Act since it allowed workers to move around and retain healthcare.  They support small businesses and know every dollar made in Anderson County multiples into more dollars as it is spent on local goods.  Doing these things will put more dollars in the pockets of the people in this county.  Republicans take these dollars away and frankly insure the large corporations (retail, finance, insurance) get them.  Democrats build community.  Come build with us.


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