The Blue Wave is Here by Eric Keller

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The Blue Wave is here  to wash aside the dead-end politics of Trumpism.  The Women's March and the March For Our Lives were like earthquakes which created tsunamis of activated voters.  They brought new voters now and into the future.  The Blue Wave is smashing into the American political life..

Women have generally favored the Democratic Party historically, but the advent of Trumpism woke many women to the political danger of Republican policies.  The Republican Party is now the Party of Trump and most women in America reject both.  The Women's March revealed to the world their power and the party of Trump felt the ground shift under their feet. Women  are transforming American politics.

The young are now awake and aware of the bankrupt policies of the Trump era.  Most identify with the Democratic Party policies.  The March For Our Lives displayed their new, powerful wave which will shake the foundations of Trumpism to the core.  The ground shakes even more as this wave grows in strength.

The Blue Wave keeps growing.  With the immigrants, with the diversity of America, with the disenfranchised, with the vulnerable, with all ages and with both men & women... this Blue Wave is a tsunami that sweeps Democratic common-sense policies and politicians in the American political life.

Need proof?   Charles E. Cook from the Cook Political Report (gold standard for political ratings) wrote the statement below.

GOP strength persists among those in the Silent Generation, those born between 1928 and 1945, 52 percent of whom identify with or lean toward the GOP—a larger share than a decade ago, Pew notes. The jump-ball group is the baby boomers, born 1946 to 1964, among whom Democrats have a narrow, 48 to 46 percent edge. The Democratic advantage is a bit wider, 5 points, among the Generation X cohort, born 1965-1980, at 48 to 43 percent. But it is the millennial generation that should terrify Republicans: Those born between 1981 and 1996 identified with or leaned toward Democrats by a 27-point margin, 59 to 32 percent. This last group is nothing less than an existential threat to the Republican Party, as the millennials are only going to increase as a proportion of the electorate.
— Cook Political Report, March 30th 2018

And from Pew Research- a noted non-partisan research source...

For decades, women have been more likely than men to identify as Democrats or lean Democratic. But today, a 56% majority of women identify as Democrats or lean Democratic, while 37% affiliate with or lean toward the GOP. The share of women identifying as Democrats or leaning Democratic is up 4 percentage points since 2015 and is at one of its highest points since 1992
— Pew Research, March 2018

The Blue Wave is here.  

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