Resist! by Eric Keller

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This will be a tough election.  The Republicans have more money, more outside resources, and sadly control the government at all levels.  They write a public narrative that hides much and then calls those who speak truth "liars".

The truth.  The household median income earner's increase of $35/week will be paid for by our children.  They will lose Social Security/Medicare and thus lose far more than we benefit now.   Already- Trump and Ryan are talking about "reforming" Social Security/Medicare.  Their knives are out. They deliberately threw our children under the bus to get more dollars for their donors. 

Republicans are bankrolled by individuals who contribute millions upon millions to keep the levers of government under their control.  These people not only make it hard for others to climb the ladder, they kick it away.  

Democrats are united in getting the government to work for the common bring the government of the people, by the people, and for the people back to where it belongs.  Democrats are out-spent, out-advertised, and out-gunned by Republican political action committees who only have one main agenda.  Keep the people out of government.  No matter what their speeches might say. 

Resist.  Don't let them get away with that.  We are the Anderson County Democrats.  We are united with our passion and our energy to defeat the egotistical ethos of Trumpism.  We meet hate with love...selfishness with charity...greed with giving.  But we must have the tools to do this.  

We need money to fund our headquarters, to buy advertising, to help our local candidates, and to resist.  Please donate.  Send a check to P.O Box 8085, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 or donate on this website.  We don't need much- but what we need- we really need.

Help us continue to resist.  


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