This is a Call to Arms by Eric Keller


As I write this, the Republican Party- or what it has evolved to- the Trumpists Party is about to pass one of the most unpopular bills in modern American history.  A political scientist, Chris Warshaw- from Washington University, actually looked back three decades to determine this (  Other than the Trumpists failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, this soon-to-be law is historically low at 30% approval.  Add to Trump extremely low approval ratings and one quickly sees our government was high jacked by plutocrats disguised as populists.  

A plutocrat, as defined by Webster, is "...a person whose power derives from wealth."   It is important to note that such a person may be charming, intelligent, well-read, and a great person, however their power comes only from wealth.  This is bad since many other people, who are just as charming, etc., never gain political power because they are not wealthy.  Just to make sure I drive this point home- Anderson County has plutocrats too.    

Our country and our county needs saving.  It needs a hammering of Democratic candidates roaring through the political environment to take it away from plutocrats and give it back to vast numbers of people disadvantaged by this plutocracy.  Republicans have plundered Americans long enough.  There is a difference between the two parties and here is one of the largest one.

Trumpists, to include county officials in Anderson County, believe in giving tax breaks to the wealthy and paying for it by cutting services.   Democrats believe that social services, such as emergency health care, care for the elderly & the vulnerable, robust public schools, and a host of other services need to be kept robust and solvent through fair taxation.  The Anderson County Republican Party actively works against this by claiming tax cuts for the wealthy -like eliminating the Hall Tax- will save the day.  Sadly, they are wrong.  Just look at what happened to emergency services here in the county.

Democratic candidates are answering this call to arms.  They are part of this rescue- this wave of blue that is about to sweep Tennessee and Anderson County.  You can be part of this.  You can run for county or even state office.  You can do the grunt work needed to help those who are riding into the fray.  You can add your voice. 

Armed with the power of the vote and the knowledge we can stop this plundering of our land, our elderly and our children; you can ride out to meet them.

We need you.  The county needs you.  The country needs you.

This is our battle cry.  Gather brothers and sisters - ride out.

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