Democrats- Time to Fight


Sadly- we live in a hyper partisanship era.  Beginning with Newt Gingrich in 1994, the Republican Party chose a political strategy of confrontation and no compromising with Democrats under any circumstances.  Of course, this is unrealistic and they did compromise when forced to do so.  However, they chose this strategy with the realization that Democrats believe in government and good governing and thus are vulnerable to a nihilist opposition.  

So the Republican Party, captured by an extremely wealthy donor class, began destroying the very government which created America.  Plutocratic government is their battle cry- low taxes for large corporations & the very wealthy- degrade social programs that protect the vulnerable to pay for those cuts- and repress the minorities to insure unfettered access to the levers of political power.

This must stop.  Democrats are the just the people to do the job.  Rolling up our sleeves and fighting back is our mission.  Getting out the vote and registering the disenfranchised to vote by knocking on doors- making calls- sending letters- and supporting Democratic candidates will be our weapons in our fight.  

Now is the time.  Let's get moving.

Eric Keller2 Comments