Healthcare in Anderson County

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The chart above says it all.  A majority of Americans care deeply about healthcare.  Both Democrats and Republicans consider it important with a majority in both parties who think it is very important.  So why is our healthcare system considered by most to be such a train wreck and why do the political parties disagree on how to fix it?

Well- easier to answer the first.  My wife works at the Oak Ridge Free Medical Clinic as a volunteer physician about one afternoon a week.  When she does- I hear her stories.  Out of 5-9 patients- most have jobs.  Low paying jobs with no benefits, but jobs nonetheless which means they work hard while hoping their bodies don't break down.  They make more than ACA can help and less than quality healthcare costs- so they fall deep within the crack.  Since the Republican dominated Tennessee legislature refused the U.S. government's additional Medicaid assistance- this healthcare crack is very wide.  So they suffer.  Some die.  Now to the second part of the question.

Democrats believe that healthcare is a public good- like good roads & clean water- so they consider quality healthcare for all to be a right.  Republicans believe healthcare is a commodity- like computers and cars- so they consider quality healthcare to be an individual's responsibility.  If one can afford good healthcare- one may buy it.  If not- there are always emergency rooms available.  So Republicans consider healthcare to be a private good.

Republicans are wrong.  John Ragan and Chuck Fleischmann are wrong.  Since cancer, broken legs, accidents, and any number of health catastrophes can occur to anyone at anytime- it is not a commodity.  It is a necessity.  That makes it a public good- no matter how much they preach the free market.  Free markets assume a buyer can walk away from a bad bargain- sadly- that cannot happen when the body or mind breaks.

Reject that stupidity.  Democrats are correct on this one.  Stay with us- vote for us- and we've got you covered.

Eric KellerComment