Top Gun


As an Army guy, I never had the privilege of watching the poetry in motion of flight operations on an actual U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.  The Top Gun opening scene will have to do.  For those who have never seen it, the scene portrays the intricate ballet of sailors as they launch Navy fighters off a carrier and then guide the jets home again.  Since the aircraft carrier is, in essence, a rolling, rocking, and short runway, the Navy pilots absolutely depend on those sailors to keep them safe.  All must work together in total synchronization.

No different with the Anderson County Democratic Party.  As the Blue Wave picks up steam, we are working with numerous volunteers to insure our candidates are launched successfully.  As candidates work day and night on their campaigns, they must be supported by ACDP in operations as intricate as aircraft operations on a Navy carrier.   Knocking on doors, planning & executing events, making calls, manning the headquarters, and registering voters are just a few examples of the coordinated effort we make in electing Democrats.  

It is a long way to August and November.  Setbacks and victories lie ahead of us.  Working as a team, as dedicated as those sailors are in Navy flight operations, will launch our candidates to a victorious conclusion.

Eric Keller2 Comments