"Winner-Take-All" in Anderson County by Eric Keller

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In political science, we have very few "laws" since we are a social science.  Social scientists study people and society which means most things are pretty tough to predict.  One strong exception to this is Duverger's Law.  Simply put, in a country that has single member districts (meaning only one representative per legislative body per district) and with a "winner-take-all" election process, it will favor a two party system.  People do not like "wasting" a vote.  In fact- third parties are rarely successful in the United States in elections at all levels and has never won a presidency in the modern era.

Given this truth- that means there are two political parties to chose from in Anderson County.  Third party attempts will remain that way- attempts.  The second truth is this: politicians determine laws & policy that determine how you live in this society- in Anderson County.  How you buy things- how you earn money - how you live - are all shaped by those laws & policies that surround you every day.

So politicians are important and there are only two parties in a winner-take-all election system.  This means- if you want your political ideas, beliefs, & desires to become a reality -you have two choices.  You want good healthcare for everyone- one party wants that and the other does not.  You want government to fix the roads- one party does it better than another.  You want low taxes and minimal social services- one party believes in that and the other does not.  

That is how it works.  Make your choice.  No party is perfect and no party is an exact fit to what you might want- but you need them anyway.  Choose.  Which party do you support?

By the way- making no choice is, in itself, a choice.  You are choosing status quo- whichever party is in power- that is who you are supporting by not participating.

So choose.  Blue or Red

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