Sadly- Racism is real in Trump's world by Eric Keller


By now, most know of Trump's overtly racist comments in a bipartisan meeting on 11 Jan in the White House.  Several legislators from both parties were present when Trump began complaining about why anyone would want "all these people from shithole countries".  He was talking about Africa.  Furthermore, he asked why more people from countries like Norway were not coming.  Finally, he clearly said "Why do we want people from Haiti here?"  

Of course, this is racist.  Donald Trump is racist and has been since his youth.  We can point to his discriminatory actions in the 1970s with his father's apartment buildings and move all the way up to yesterday's meeting to see this racism.  

Of course, hate crimes have doubled in the United States since the President of the United States is, himself, a racist.  

Of course, the words quoted above show the President does not want people of color here, only whites.  

That is not what is startling.  What is truly frightening is how Fox News dealt with this when the story broke.  While other news agencies dryly reported the facts to insure we would know what the President said and the context of his comments, conservative media spun it a different way.  

Fox News agreed with Trump.  Their broadcasters agreed that Africa and Haiti are not worthy to allow immigration into the United States.  They wondered what the fuss was all about.  They blamed liberals for making a mountain out of a molehill because all Trump was doing, according to Fox News, was speaking the truth. They agreed with Trump because the Republican base agrees with Trump and they do not want to lose their viewers.  But there is more.

Two Republican senators claimed, 'they do not recall" what Trump said (as if a comment like that would be unnoticed) and then went on into their canned lines on immigration.  Their silence is assent to Trump's racism.  They looked the other way because, more than likely, they agreed.  Both Fox News and the many Republicans are more than willing to classify a race of people as inferior to whites.  After all, people who come from "shithole countries" are, by Trump's definition, inferior.

Our president is racist.  One party fights this racism daily and refuses to enable it any longer.  The other party either embraces it or looks the other way.  Chuck Fleischmann, John Ragan, and Terry Frank can come forward and make clear statements condemning Trump's racism.  Or they can remain silent.  Sadly, we know already what they will do.     


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