Anderson County Democrats- Time for boots on the ground by Eric Keller


Election season is here.  The 2018 mid-term elections are rapidly approaching.  Democrats are feeling a blue wave coming- a tsunami of Democrats voting to stop the Republican madness in Washington D.C., in Nashville, and in the Anderson County Courthouse.  It is time to move...time to act...time to get boots on the ground.

We need to knock on doors, as hot as that may be this spring/summer.  We need to make phone calls to prospective & current voters despite the time it might take.  We need to volunteer to help the Anderson County Democratic Party and its candidates.  We need to help with donating money, our time, and our energy.  We need to act.

We have the candidates.  Richard Dawson & Nathaniel Varner are running for the State House race against Ragan.  Mark Lucas is running for Sheriff.  Ebony Capshaw is the first African-American woman in Anderson County running for a county office, that of County Trustee.

We are still looking for good people to run for a few more county offices.

If you already volunteered - many thanks to all of you.  The time and work and commitments many of you have already made and continue to make are phenomenal.  

For those who still wish to - please put more boots on the ground.  Every pair of boots helps. Every pair of boots are needed. 

Come join us.  Ride the blue wave.  Bring good governance to Anderson County, Tennessee, and the United States.  Put your boots on the ground.

Eric KellerComment