Trumpism in action - Feel the Pain - Unless you are really Rich by Eric Keller

Republican Tax Plan and the top 1%.png

Once again- from the top- Trumpism will hurt the very people who voted for him.  Over and over again, because he is very wealthy and despite his claims, caters to the very wealthy.  As does the new party of Trump or what's left of the Republican Party.  There are so many ways he inflicts pain on the Trump supporters in Anderson County.  He actively is destroying healthcare for those who need it the most.  His administration is destroying environmental protections, public schools, public health, and pretty much anything that protected the families truly in the middle.  Finally, there is the tax plan.

Look at it.  See the bars for the very wealthy as they clearly show how much they benefit and see the bars of the households below them.  The affluent get nailed- they pay more in the future.  After the peanuts are give in the immediate future, everyone else barely sees a benefit while- again- note the bars of the very rich.

Trump is not your friend.  You are not in his circle.  You will be hurt by him.  That is really the message for all of us in Anderson County.  He is a con man- a huckster- with a complicit Trumpist Republican Party helping the con along.  Oh- you don't believe me?  Look at median household wages over time and note the stock market really is for the big dogs (80% of stocks owned by the very wealthy- Ed Wolff).  Then look again at the Trump Tax Plan.  Who wins and who loses.

Trumpism in action.  You will- feel the pain.

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