The Republican Party is dead and Trumpism killed it by Eric Keller

The Grand Old Party, created by Lincoln and the Civil War, is no longer in existence as a political force.  Trumpism hijacked it. Most who called themselves Republicans jumped on the Trump bandwagon.  Despite his racism.  Despite his instability.  Despite his obvious unfitness for this office.  Despite his erratic and impulsive decisions.  Despite his obvious lying.  Despite his blatant plundering of our nation's wealth.  Despite...well, you get the idea.

Here in Anderson County, our Republican representatives appear to be a local expression of Trumpism.  Some seem honestly conflicted while most are full-on supporters.  Chuck Fleischmann is lock-step with Trump and votes as Trump's administration tells him to vote.  John Ragan believes in Trump- especially in healthcare.  Terry Frank fits the mold perfectly- all the way down to her inability to hold herself accountable.  Many Anderson County Republicans believe in Trumpism and applaud his every move.

Three Republican U.S. Senators, to include ours, call Trump and his movement a danger to our democracy.  George W. Bush spoke and essentially says the same.  People who know just how much damage Trump and Trumpism can cause on our American way of life are telling us to stop Trump.  Stop him now.

We, the Democrats in Anderson County, do not have the political power to stop Donald Trump alone.  We make phone calls- send letters- and resist as best we can.  When these actions are combined with Americans everywhere who are doing the same, then Trumpism is reduced.  Healthcare is defended...until Trump sabotages it.  Because these political actions just slow it down.  Doesn't stop it.  

So more is needed.  The only way to stop Trump and Trumpism is to elect Democrats to office.  Local, County, State, and Federal offices need to be converted from Trump followers to those who follow a different set of values.  Values that support all families in our county.  Values that work to increase wages for not only the poor, but for those who struggle in the middle.  Quality public education.  Strong labor laws which allow collective bargaining.  Effective healthcare for all Tennesseans.  A just tax system which does not penalize success, but does take into account all the societal support that helped create that success.

We are Democrats.  We are Democrats in Anderson County.  Trumpism is the current political power in this county.  It is time we took it back.  Not for us- but for the people we serve.

Eric KellerComment