Why ACDP asks for $10/month by Eric Keller

I was shocked- I really was.  The data sources are good and strong.  The assumption I lived under since I became chair was Democrats were the small money donators and Republicans were only the big dollars.  On the national level, I am wrong.  As the chart clearly shows- the Republican National Committee receives more small donations than the Democrat National Committee

GOP vs DEM small donations.png

To be fair, correlation is not causation so we do not know why this is the case.  Perhaps the DNC is pushing small donations stay in the county and state level.  Certainly there is a large push from both DNC and the Tennessee Democratic Party to enhance the county's ability to win in local and county races.  However, the cause is not important in one way- we care about what is happening in Anderson County.  

In Anderson County, my hope is to reverse that chart so more Democrats give small donations to the Anderson County Democratic Party than to the Anderson County Republican Party.  This begs the question- why?

My strong belief is many good Democrats would run for office, but do not have the resources, the knowledge of campaigning, and the true understanding of how we can win here.  Because of that, plus the Republican false narrative that only Republicans can win here, good, quality Democratic candidates choose not to run.  This must change.  Another question- how?

The Anderson County Democratic Party raised money to purchase the lifeblood of campaigns- lists of all Democrats (and even independents who lean Democrat & Republican) with good addresses, phone numbers, and emails.  We advertise heavily on radio, print ads, and digital media.  We conduct focus groups and surveys to better understand our county.  We have a cadre of experienced members who are willing to mentor new candidates every inch of the way.  

Finally, we have a large group of enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to make phone calls, attend candidate events, sit on committees, and will Get Out the Vote when the time come.  Our party membership is absolutely amazing and due to their efforts- Democrats can win local, county, and even the state house representative seat.

Right now- most county elected offices pay between $85,000 to $90,000 a year with benefits.  Republicans try hard to keep those offices for themselves.  It is time for Democrats- who truly believe government is a force for good and are willing to serve the public- to step forward and run.

But we need to continue to create a good support structure to help them.  At this moment - the Anderson County Democratic Party can offer a candidate about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of in-kind services.  We need to keep that up.

Which is why we need $10/month from every member, friend of the party, and reader of this blog.

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