Serve More Than Your Country by Eric Keller



Long ago- I was the recruiting poster for the U.S. Army Chaplaincy.  Since the picture above shows me in uniform- I will not openly advocate for a party in this blog.  Rather- I will talk about the slogan in the poster.  Not the one above- they changed it to "Serve More Than Your Country" which was widely disseminated for a couple of years in the early 2000s.  Serve more than your country- what exactly does that mean?

Well, in the poster, it meant serve your faith tradition and join the Army Chaplaincy.  The assumption, which many still hold, is that faith holds a stronger bond on a person than patriotism.  I agree.  Even though I served in the U.S. Army for more than two decades, my faith always came first.  I imagine it does for many people.  So, how do we connect then to now?

My faith believes in a Creator that is pure love.  Creation, of all things in this world, is a display of that love.  But, another display comes with the creation of human, capable of "knowing" and thus capable of free will.  This Creator then wishes us to love.  Love the poor.  Love the people around you.  Love the stranger.  Love the sick.  Love the weak.  Love enemies and friends alike.  Not just an individual effort, but with the creation of a government which acts on those desires.

A government which creates heathcare so all can benefit...A government which shores up people when circumstances make them vulnerable...A compassionate government which insures all its people thrive...A government which welcomes the stranger, the refugee, the migrant.

One party does these things.  The another does not.  You figure out which one and it is my hope that you support the party that does.

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