Never Underestimate an Enemy by Eric Keller


I forgot this recently.  When in battle with the Anderson County party of Trump, I tried to support a very good man for county mayor and made a mistake.  I did not know my "enemy" well and knew myself even less.  I wrote a blog that supported Steve Emert over Terry Frank under the reasonable thought that a normal Republican is better in office than a Trump one.  This was the result.

liberal steve emert.png

Steve Emert is many things- but a liberal is not one of them.  Now, I happen to believe being a liberal and a Democrat are the two ways we will solve the many problems in our county, our state, and our nation.  That is not the point.  Steve Emert's electoral voting record (a public record by the way) clearly shows a Republican.  Every metric I use as a political analyst has him as a strong conservative - tied in partisanship with Terry Frank.  These metrics come from commercial organizations who provide by name lists of voters and how they might vote.  They use voting records, political contributions, subscriptions, and other variables to determine this score (0-100 with 100 being a perfect Democrat & 0 a perfect Republican).  The Republican Party does the same thing- many times from the same companies.

Steve Emert is a 0.8 on TargetSmart and a 6.52 on Clarity - out of 100 (100 is perfect liberal).  Terry Frank is a 1.2 on TargetSmart and a 1.01 on Clarity- again out of 100.  Now, to use me as a liberal; I am 99 on TargetSmart and a 89.41 on Clarity.  

How on earth is Emert any different than Frank?  Both are deep conservatives.

I suppose Terry Frank could claim he is liberal by some obscure reasoning, but any reasonable person can clearly see he is not.  Anyone can make up a metric and then make a misleading claim - electoral voting records are a matter of public record and these commercial vendors make a living on their accuracy (look them up on internet and

So either Terry Frank was mislead, wrong in her own conclusion (she paid for the ad), or was lying.  It is not up to me to say which one fits.  I am sure people can make up their own mind.  But my point earlier still stands.  

I underestimated how pliable truth is to the Anderson County Trumpian party.  I assumed, wrongly, that logical and rational arguments over their actions on the council would be the only basis of voter judgment.  I badly underestimated Terry Frank because I assumed she thought as I did- believing one must use evidence backed facts for political debate.  I was obviously wrong.

I mean, come on, Steve Emert is a liberal.  In what universe?

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