Why Trump's War on Government will hurt us all by Eric Keller

Ever since Reagan blasted out the quote, "Government is not the solution to our problem, it is the problem.", Republicans began a war on the Federal government's institutions.  Except for the military, they attack and try to shrink all other bureaucracies embedded in the Federal Government.  They excel in finding some strange decision made by a governmental institution that seemly wasted a ton of taxpayer money.  With the mantra of privatization (using private corporations to fulfill the roles of a particular institution), they move to put prisons, schools, national infrastructure, scientific research, and many other government functions to the theoretical efficient hands of corporations.  Recently, Bannon even thought Erik Prince's Blackwater mercenaries could take over the Afghanistan missions from the military (which the Pentagon quickly rejected).  This begs the question- why do Republican politicians want to destroy the very institutions which keep the wolves from devouring us?  

Remember, if a roofer or any other laborer falls and is disabled, more than likely, they do not have disability insurance.  Since many are employed by small businesses, it is unlikely their employer has it either.  So the wolves are at the door since income is stopped and medical bills increase.  Social Security disability helps keep the wolves at bay.  It does not give much since Republicans constantly chip away at it and now it is threatened by Trump's budget which wants to decrease its capabilities.  The Federal Government does this- not a private corporation since there is no profit in assisting a disabled worker.

Remember, in the 1969s, Cleveland's river caught on fire due to the pollutants dumped in it.

Cuyahoga R fire.jpg

The Environmental Protection Agency, created by Richard Nixon, began working to stop these practices.  It worked.  Pollution such as this began to decrease.  Again, private corporations have no interest in keeping pollution at bay, no financial incentive exists in an unfettered free market.  Thus, dumping is an easy solution to a corporation to increase profits and they do it.  Louisiana is a prime example of Exxon-Mobil and a host of other oil/gas corporations destroying an environment in a lax regulatory environment. The Federal government keeps those wolves from destroying our world.

Remember, when someone's mother or father becomes too frail to live at home, the Federal Government uses Medicare (or Medicaid if under 65) to enable them to go to a nursing home or skilled care facility.  Otherwise, those elderly who are too poor to afford care, would be left at risk.  The wolves would be there in strength.  Private industry has no financial incentive to care for those who cannot pay.  None.  The Federal government must do it.

So many examples.  If we shrink the Federal government (the Public) in favor of private corporations (the Private), then we are ruled by and dependent on the Private.  The Private has no accountability to the people- none.  The Public is held accountable by voters.  The Private could care less about voters- only in their role as consumers.  

Trump's war on government is a fraud.  It is designed to enable the Private to take over from the Public and reduce taxes for the few.  Reagan was wrong- wrong then and wrong now.  Strong Federal government is the solution, not the problem.  Unfettered free market corporate government is the problem.  Simple really.