Total Eclipse of the Sun by Eric Keller

It is hard to talk politics on a day like today.  Virtually all of us in Anderson County will be watching the slow movement of the moon as it darkens the sun.  Funny, I had it in my mind it would be a sudden event- one minute light and the next total darkness.  Of course, I am wrong.  The darkness creeps in as the moon revolves the earth and leisurely moves in front of our sun.  Then, the moon keeps on moving and the light surfaces again.  Bit by bit, the land is illuminated by light until the sun is burning bright as if nothing happened at all.  Anderson County will experience a once in a lifetime event and I hope all enjoy it.

The darkness slinks in slowly.  Washington Post has on their main banner the words, "Democracy Dies in Darkness" which they put up after Trump began attacking the press as "false news".  True enough.  It does.  Darkness, in this setting, stands for ignorance.  Ignorance comes with the advent of a president and his administration who refuse to acknowledge basic facts.  Facts such as: climate change is accelerated by humanity's footprint, Islam is not a religion of terror, "trickle down economics does not work, Americans want healthcare, voter fraud is a myth, and many others.  As this Republican administration continues to deny these basic truths, darkness sulks in our land.

The light that will brighten Anderson County comes from truth.  Ground truth that comes from observations, data, and research will slowly lighten the darkness.  The Anderson County Democratic Party will publish only facts, even if they are not supportive of our political goals.  This blog will publish ground truth.  That is my pledge to you.  Democracy will not die in darkness because we will bring light.  As the sun returns today, it serves as an apt metaphor for what we try to do here.   


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