Winning- This is a Marathon Not a Sprint by Ellen Faby



Does November 2018 seem far away? Are you thinking, “I’m   frightened/angry/concerned, but I’m tired, so I’ll do something later?” Think again.  Anderson County Democratic Party needs YOU to step up NOW.  Here’s why.


Republicans now control 32 legislatures and 33 governorships; Republican control has not been this dominant since the Civil War.  This disproportionate control has occurred over time and the GOP has been strategic and thus able to gerrymander voting districts to increase their ability to elect Republicans.  BUT, historically, the party not in power makes gains in Congress in non-presidential election years.  As reported on, polls are showing an advantage for Democrats in a generic Congressional race and, as we know, the popularity of the President is at a historic low.


How does this translate to Anderson County, Tennessee? Anderson County Democrats have held elected offices in the county and state legislature in the recent past, so we know that Democrats can win here.  First, finding excellent candidates is a goal we all share, right?  We want the best Democrats to be representing us at all levels of government.  How do we find them?  We need to show potential candidates that there is a strong Party behind them for their race.  This is the crux of the matter, demonstrating the importance of building our local Party and building a strong and dedicated force of volunteers that will work diligently to elect our candidates.  It takes time to build membership and find volunteers.  It takes time to build up funds for both paying Party expenses, like renting an office, and for supporting candidate campaigns.  It takes time to reach people all over Anderson County with our message that responds to the issues important to them.


ACDP leadership is working hard on all these fronts, from messaging, to fundraising, to recruiting volunteers.  This is not a sprint we can start later, it is a marathon we are running now that will continue over the next 15 months.


If you want to elect good candidates that will represent YOU, please   step up now.  Sign up online,

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