Damn him... by Eric Keller

I am a retired U.S. Army chaplain.  I went to seminary at San Francisco Theological Seminary from 1980 to 1984 and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church, USA in 1984.  I am now retired.  

I give this information as a prelude - a presentation of my credentials for my Trump remarks that will soon follow.  When I use the word, "damn" in this content, I do so professionally.  I know exactly what the word means in both Greek and Hebrew along with it's historical context.  In Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, the prophets in what Christians call the Old Testament were not fortune tellers.  They did not peer into a crystal ball predicting the future.  Micah, Amos, Isaiah, and others could predict the future in the sense they knew the inevitable results of oppressive actions by their ruling elite.  They named names when confronting injustice and used strong words to describe what they saw.  "Let justice roll down like flowing waters", Amos cried out to a corrupt religious and political elite.  They also damned those rulers for oppressing their people, ignoring the poor, sick, and widowed, for taking what they wanted, and carrying nothing about anything but themselves.  Micah cried, " Both hands are skilled in doing evil; the ruler demands gifts, the judge accepts bribes, the powerful dictate what they desire- they all conspire together".

Under this tradition, I now use the words.  Damn Trump and those who agree with his nationalistic white supremacist views.  Damn those who came to Charlottesville to preach hate about people of different color and beliefs.  Damn them as they should be damned.  



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