Footnote on Trump: Beware of Smoke and Mirrors by Eric Keller

In an exchange with reporters today- Trump once again claimed both sides are responsible and then claimed that, the protestors were not all neo-Nazis, KKK, & the like, and taking down Confederate statues is wrong.  Obviously- Trump is playing to this fringe element because he believes in their rhetoric, wants to keep them in his shrinking base, or both.

On top of that, the Congressional Budget Office published today the consequences of Trump's threat to not subsidize the ACA.  First, the Federal deficit will significantly increase.  Second and more importantly, Tennessee healthcare insurance premiums will rise 21%.  So if a family policy is $200/month, it will be $241/month.  

To summarize today.  Trump refuses to condemn the white supremacists' actions in Charlottesville and is threatening to price Tennesseans out of the healthcare market.

When will the Republican Party of Anderson County, Tennessee finally decide to place the residents here before Trump?  The Democratic Party here in Anderson County not only stands against white supremacists and all of their ilk, not only accepts those who look differently or worship differently or talk differently, but also knows what to do to keep Anderson County folks medically covered.  Why bring two different themes together today in this little blog? Because Trump and all who think like him tend to distract us with smoke and mirrors.  Outrage from his unacceptable racism hides the cost of his reprehensible actions on healthcare.  

Only language Republicans understand is that of the vote.  Anderson County Republicans need to step up and condemn both of these actions by Trump.  Otherwise- they are just like him.  Vote them out.

Eric KellerComment