It is what it is by Eric Keller

White nationalists shouting out Neo-Nazi slogans while carrying shields and clubs, White supremacists militias in military garb holding long rifles, and militarizing a car to attack counterdemonstrators are wrong.  That side is wrong. 

Trump is wrong to blame both sides here. When one side- racists chanting "Jews must Go" while the other proclaims a message of unity; it is very clear which side is wrong.  Just to be clear- the old Confederacy wanted to maintain slavery as a way of life.  They fought to keep Black men, women, and children in bondage.  After the war, they continued with Jim Crow.  Southern politicians made a deal with the New Deal to exempt Blacks from many of their benefits.  When LBJ finally passed the Civil Rights Act in 1964, it was still years before Jim Crow officially died.  Now, it rears its ugly head again with a U.S. president's subtle encouragement.  

I know there are some people in Anderson County who agree with the White nationalists.  They are wrong.  It is what it is.  Wrong and wrong again. 

Eric KellerComment