Access to healthcare should be provided to all Tennesseans regardless of their work status or ability to pay for health insurance. TennCare, the state version of Medicaid, should be expanded to include all Tennesseans who qualify under the Affordable Care Act and it should never be converted to a block grant program, which is illegal under federal law.


The natural beauty of Anderson County is one of our most precious resources. We support the state and local parks, rivers and lakes, and recreational resources in our community which our residents enjoy and which bring visitors to our county and benefit our local economy.
Anderson County residents should have a safe and healthy living environment that is not compromised by dangerous disposal by TVA or DOE of toxic substances that can leach into groundwater or pollute our streams and air. We support all actions by our citizens to oppose these TVA and DOE proposals that threaten the environment.




Opportunities for good paying and good quality jobs are a high priority.

High quality education at all levels is vital to the development of our children and our workforce. Our city and county schools systems must continue to improve the quality of education we provide to our students and improve our graduation rates and math and English proficiency of our graduates.

We do not support vouchers or education savings accounts. These divert our public tax dollars from our public schools to unaccountable, non-public schools. In states that have enacted vouchers, results of student achievement at unaccountable, charter schools have shown that diversion of public funds from public schools have not benefitted these students in comparison to their public school peers. In other words, vouchers do not benefit the students who receive them as claimed by voucher supporters.

We support our post-secondary institutions in our county including our community college and technical training institutions as well as opportunities for apprenticeships for our citizens.