Election Dates and Races


Additional information about early voting,  sample ballots, voting locations, etc. is available at
Anderson County Election Commission; the Election Commission also has maps of precincts and districts



August 2 County General Election

Early voting July 13-28, voter registration deadline July 3

Circuit Court Clerk            
County Clerk  
County Mayor            
Register of Deeds
Road Superintendent                  
Property Assessor
School Board Districts 1-2-6-7      
County Commissions-all districts,
Constable-all districts.                      
Oliver Springs-Finance Officer and Court

August 2 State and Federal Primary*

US House, US Senate, Governor,          
TN House 33, TN House 36,
State Executive Committee Members


November 6  General Election
Early voting Oct 17 - Nov 1, voter registration deadline October 9

US House, US Senate, Governor,            
TN House 33, TN House 36
Clinton:  Mayor, Council 1-2-3, Schoolboard 2-3,
Oak Ridge:  4 Council seats, & 3 School Board seats
Oliver Springs:  Mayor, Alderman Ward 1-2-4
Norris:  all Council seats
Rocky Top:  Mayor, 2 Council seats 


*Tennessee has open primaries. You are not limited to a particular party in a primary. When you enter the polling place, you may choose which party’s primary you will vote in.  You may choose to vote in either party's primary on May 1 and August 2. You are free to vote for any candidate in a general election regardless of which party's primaries you vote in.  
Many offices are non-partisan. There is not a vote in a primary for those offices.